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Curvy Spokesmodel Winner:

Erica Hall

Erica is an outgoing, high spirited go getter! She is a confident career woman with brains and beauty who embraces her curves and believes that every woman regardless of their shape or size should let their beauty shine through and have confidence in who they are. Erica comes from a military family and is in fact a Navy Veteran herself. She is currently in pursuit of her MBA and already pondering rather to enroll in a PhD program. During the day Erica works for the government as a financial manager and in the evening she juggles motherhood, school, and modeling. It is important to her that she devote plenty of time to her family and her two daughters, whether its chauffeuring them to their extracurricular activities or volunteering at their school her daughters know they can always count on her. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at local homeless and domestic violence shelters and motivational speaking to young mother's on how NOT to be a statistic.

People's Choice Award Winner:

Natasha Bostic

Natasha Bostic is the epitome of the term "beautiful inside and out". Starting from humble beginnings in Dallas, TX, Natasha defied the statistics associated with being raised in a single parent home and used them as motivation to succeed in all realms of life. As a result, she has flourished into a phenomenal motivational speaker, community leader, model, self proclaimed "image activist", and catalyst for redefining the perception of beauty in the lives of young women and girls. However, her greatest passion is humanitarianism, which she has fulfilled through her leadership roles in organizations such as the City of Dallas Youth Commission, the Texas A&M Century Scholars Program, and her most recent volunteer experience with the Prom Shop Project. Since pursuing her degree in Human Resources Development at Texas A&M University, Natasha was crowned Ms. Texas American Elegance and has utilized her collegiate journey as the inspiration for her platform "Mission: Retention". This program is designed to equip traditional and non-traditional college students with tools that promote academic excellence. She is overjoyed to have been voted as the Curves Rock Fashion Weekend People's Choice Spokesmodel and intends to utilize all of her talents to make this an enjoyable experience for all of their curvy followers!